Auracane Update

Hello people who care enough to read this, I appreciate you. With my increased frustration for all social media, streaming services and patients with humanity, I’ve decided to give this website more love. I’ll be updating it this month with a few things:

  1. Music streaming. I plan on uploading all my music on here for direct streaming, free of course, with option to purchase the MP3’s direct from me. I’ll still be releasing music on all streams as usual, but I’ll have some exclusive content for this website only.
  2. Art! The same as I mentioned above will be implemented for my art. I’d like incorporate my art and music together more, but not entirely sure how. Keep an eye out for my art listed on here for prints, and I’ll be directly licensing pieces out here too.
  3. Media. My hatred towards instagram algorithm and layout changes, youtube monetization and overall distain with facebook is eternal. I’m looking to change this website with ways to get Auracane news out more frequently, instead of the usual update every 3 months. It will look something like a blog but cool.

For now, here’s an update about my life and projects.

I’m putting together a track for a mixtape that will be released by DMX himself. I’ll be among other unsigned hip hop artists, so I’m taking a different approach to this track; adding samples and mulling over rapping on it myself. Subsequently I found out how difficult rapping is. Writing, recording and mixing vocals has been a chore, and it’s no wonder I’ve produced instrumentals until now. After that I don’t have much planned, but I’m feeling really motivated to make music again. However, f I end up working from home again you should expect a full length album in a month. It’s insane how much music I can produce when I have all my creative juices intact, saved from a 9 hour work day in the office.

New art isn’t planned but because I pay very little attention to details and rush everything, I bang those pieces out in less than an hour usually. Instagram has fucked my impressions into the earth, so until I find a new outlet that motivates me to make them, new pieces will come with new inspiration. Even with that said, I’m most active on there because there’s still plenty of amazing artists I follow posting every day, helping my creative funks.

Published by auracane

Bio: I’m a 31 year old producer living in Denver, CO. Grew up all over NY, and my music is heavily influenced from both east coast hip hop, and all the crazy electronic music I discovered while befriending a bunch of west coasters. I began music production in 2010 under the alias WhompO, were I produced a lot of melodic house/ dnb/ trance/ electro. I slowly became uninspired and infuriated as my beloved electronic music and all it’s sub genre’s became saturated with the same sounds and uninspiring designs. EDM, they called it, and it sucked all my favorite sub genres and labeled them as one. After some years of not making music, I began to find new artists and realized I just had to do some digging to get inspired again. With that, I found artists of all types and verity, and once again found my inspiration to create. I began this new artist project to start from scratch with a new sound, new identity, and new motive. I aim to release a shitttt load of new music under this new alias, and so far I’m right on track. 2 months ago, and 2 albums later I’m here to tell you that this is just the beginning, and I’m very excited for the rest.

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