Phases EP and Lofi Thoughts

Second EP is nearly finished, and per usual I’m adding a secret streaming link to this article and nowhere else. I reward those who dig deep. This EP is headlined by two tracks that compliment each other but are very different. High Ground was made using synths from my track Eloquent from Album I, and if you haven’t heard that one yet it’s one of my favorites. The second track is called Down Low, and takes the same keys from High Ground and takes it down to 90bpm; more of a downtempo lofi track.

If you’re here for new music just stop here, or beware of a very long lofi rant:

I started Auracane thinking I would be making a lot more lofi, but after a month of producing sleepy time beats for an over-saturated genre I decided I needed more energy in my tracks, Down Lo is an exception, and my way in to a large audience of playlist curators that are all trying to get a piece of this lofi pie. The appeal with lofi is that it’s essentially electronic music jazz, and by embracing a sound or drum arrangements imperfections you make it unique and appealing (when done right).

The problem with lofi is simliar to what happened with EDM (imo). I think there are wayyyyyyyyy tooooooo mannnyyyy bed room producers taking a 4-8 bar piano sample, adding a beat sample, and try pushing it without any real grasp of marketing. The problem with this is that so much of it just sounds the same. Who cares what your name or brand is when you can just upload it to lofi beats to study to and people will study so hard to it and it will blend it with the previous hundred study songs. They probably won’t hear your beat and say, wow this one hits different, because it doesn’t.

So like EDM, you have a popular sound that people will sell out and make to make money, and you’re left with zero originality. EDM has hundreds of sub genres, but if you don’t care to sift through those you probably will enjoy Illinium who makes music that frankly sounds like the mega genre cookie cutter EDM. It’s pop culture electronic music. Lofi has became a gateway sound to many emerging experimental genres, but sadly the average listener doesn’t have time to find new music because wayyyyy tooooo mannnny people are making music and it’s impossible to find the one’s that you’ll love unless they shell out thousands in advertising to find someone like you.

According to my google search, 40,000 songs are uploaded to spotify every day. How am I suppose to dig and find those 200 songs I’d enjoy? Spotify algorithms. Thank god, their super smart algorithms will suggest dope music based off my current preferences. The problem; Spotify will pick these artists based on huge playlists that pair certain genre’s of music, and it’s stupid hard to get in these playlists. Some sites offer pay to be considered, but these playlisters are trying to cover a pop niche that will get them the most plays and likes.

In the days of the DJ, a DJ would show you whatever the fuck they wanted because they make a salary. Now it’s all about volume, and to achieve that you sell out to pop culture and bury originality.

The solution for an independent artist like myself is to be creative with my advertising, and try my best to submit to every playlister that falls in my genre and maybe get accepted by some (which has worked to a degree). From these playlist curators I’ve found one with a legit audience and diverse music taste; he posts whatever he wants, and people who dig it follows. God bless Schni Tunes (spotify this dude).

That’s my rant, too many bedroom producers clogging the air waves of dope vibes with their uninspiring sleepy time lofi tunes. This is why I’ve strayed away from the genre, and I’m paving my own path down an undefined set of diverse sounds, and if you found me organically than you are apart of the solution.

Published by auracane

Bio: I’m a 31 year old producer living in Denver, CO. Grew up all over NY, and my music is heavily influenced from both east coast hip hop, and all the crazy electronic music I discovered while befriending a bunch of west coasters. I began music production in 2010 under the alias WhompO, were I produced a lot of melodic house/ dnb/ trance/ electro. I slowly became uninspired and infuriated as my beloved electronic music and all it’s sub genre’s became saturated with the same sounds and uninspiring designs. EDM, they called it, and it sucked all my favorite sub genres and labeled them as one. After some years of not making music, I began to find new artists and realized I just had to do some digging to get inspired again. With that, I found artists of all types and verity, and once again found my inspiration to create. I began this new artist project to start from scratch with a new sound, new identity, and new motive. I aim to release a shitttt load of new music under this new alias, and so far I’m right on track. 2 months ago, and 2 albums later I’m here to tell you that this is just the beginning, and I’m very excited for the rest.

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