Sundown Samurai

Here she is, my third(ish) release? Ok so Album II came out a bit messy and I’ll explain why here. I published an ad for purple plunder using the amazing artwork and animation by an instagram artist @niberia.visuals, and I did so a couple weeks before the official release for album II. I wasn’t even finished making the album; truth be told I didn’t like half the songs as much as the other half, which is why I ended up releasing it in two parts. Purple Plunder was released first because people on my insta ad were wondering why tf they couldn’t find the song anywhere. I sent it out along with two other tracks, hunger, and dubious wonder. They all rhymed so that worked for me. Dubious Wonder features my dad on the sax, and hunger is just fuckin dope and probably deserves more attention. Part two release came with just two tracks I felt were worthy; chump change, my personal favorite, and cloud stash, my first attempt at an actual lofi track.

Back story: I initially started auracane with the intent on making lofi hip hop beats. After Album I was finished, I came to the realization that none of these songs could be classified as lofi. I was shocked, and lost, and confused. My album started under the heavy influence of two things in particular, and if you’re in love with my music, you have these two things to thank.

  1. I started dating a magnificent woman. She was smart, stunning and hit all the right cords. If you’ve ever been in love, you must know the feeling of being completely centered in the present; a state of consciousness that can produce wondrous thoughts and motivation.
  2. She introduced me to an anime series called Samurai Champloo, which is nothing short of a masterpiece. The introduction track was produced by Nujabes, who practically brought lofi in to the spotlight, and certainly introduced it into my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I listened to lofi beats to study to or whatever the fuck that youtube channel is, but that shit is lullaby music compared to this track. I suppose you’ll have to listen to it yourself:

I was obsessed with the simplicity of the sounds, it struck a cord 😉 with me and I had to replicate it with songs of my own. Here’s where it gets tricky. I had been producing music under my previous alias “whompo” for 8 years, and had fallen out of love with the whole thing years ago. It wasn’t music that I had abandoned, it was this project focused on EDM sounds that were too experimental to be EDM. I truly believe those songs were ahead of its time, also I fucking hated the name whompo. To me, it was something that didn’t take itself serious enough.

Rewind a week before meeting this woman and seeing this show. I had discovered the beautiful art of digital collages on instagram. I was obsessed with them, and it gave me a tremendous amount of inspiration to just create something. It dawned on me that I could start a new insta page that showcased this type of art, but for what purpose? HOLY FUCK I could start a new music project and promote it through this art collective. That’s when the name came. Auracane, a vicious blend of something radiant, vivacious and fierce. So I made the website, soundcloud, insta page, and started my first song. I titled it VII, forcing me to make at least 6 other tracks, so smart. Things were happening flashily, my track was beautiful, my project was getting momentum (like 30 followers on insta, wow) and I had a hot date with this chick I met on bumble.

Fast-foward a week from bumble date. I was falling in love, and fast. I channeled my heart fluctuation into something productive and just started making music, flashily. I made 3 tracks that week, and then the universe handed me a work from home order from the government, and I made the rest of the album in a couple of weeks (14 songs, 10 made the cut). April came, another album produced, Album II, purple plunder, it’s all coming together.

Ok now here’s the part you clicked on this article for, and wow did I get sidetracked. I’m back in an office working essentially to keep the world turning, making significantly less music, but the quality is improving. I realized, holy shit dude, you make hip hop beats, sell these to the public. And then I thought, omg my dude, give away this album for free because people don’t buy music any more! So album III will be just that, a free album of instrumentals to jump start my beat licensing career. I’ll begin to produce generic trap sounds and sell them on beatstars so that one day I can stay at home making beats all-day. I’ll have to admit something, modern day pop culture hip hop is the opposite of what I’d call inspiring. However, the instrumentals of these songs are sofa king easy to produce it takes a couple hours and a lot of weed. I won’t dare showcase these beats on spotify/soundcloud/anywhere, but I’ll make money and it will sustain my passion.

But Album III isn’t the only thing I’m going to release this month. Oh no, I have three separate releases in the works not called Album III. “Samuai Sunset” is an EP that has three of my favorite tracks to date, and will be released on July 16th. It’s gundam wing themed, and you’re going to fucking love it. I used all the sounds from my favorite two tracks, purple plunder and chump change.

My second project is a single w a dope lyricist, guitarist, bassist, and beat maker. That track is a chiller, and will be released shortly after the EP. My third project is with a singer/rapper from Africa who is working on 2 songs as we speak, and those will be put out a week after the last.

My goal here is to just put out music flashily. I realized after Album II’s two part release that albums don’t matter as much as 1-3 track singles because most people don’t have time or the attention span to sit through a 30 minutes of your music. So I’m taking the best songs from Album III, and putting them out individually over a couple months. The rest of the tracks from Album III will be released for free download sometime this month randomly ;).

Published by auracane

Bio: I’m a 31 year old producer living in Denver, CO. Grew up all over NY, and my music is heavily influenced from both east coast hip hop, and all the crazy electronic music I discovered while befriending a bunch of west coasters. I began music production in 2010 under the alias WhompO, were I produced a lot of melodic house/ dnb/ trance/ electro. I slowly became uninspired and infuriated as my beloved electronic music and all it’s sub genre’s became saturated with the same sounds and uninspiring designs. EDM, they called it, and it sucked all my favorite sub genres and labeled them as one. After some years of not making music, I began to find new artists and realized I just had to do some digging to get inspired again. With that, I found artists of all types and verity, and once again found my inspiration to create. I began this new artist project to start from scratch with a new sound, new identity, and new motive. I aim to release a shitttt load of new music under this new alias, and so far I’m right on track. 2 months ago, and 2 albums later I’m here to tell you that this is just the beginning, and I’m very excited for the rest.

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