Listen to Phases EP, streaming everywhere

Album I

My debut album can be streamed everywhere, click the picture above. This 10 track album features my first creative endeavor under Auracane, and my proudest musical creation.

Album II

Released in two parts, Album II is a downtempo experimental project full of uplifting melodies and energetic drums. Stream the full album for free on soundcloud, or listen to the releases separately on spotify: Purple Plunder // Chump Change

Stardust Memories EP

A collection of South Asian influenced instrumentals coupled with chilly drum kits; Stardust Memories EP is full of good vibes and chill beats.

This is an unreleased track that can only be streamed here. It will be released 12/17 on a mix tape project headed by DMX.

I create art for fun and showcase all of it on instagram.

About Us

I make experimental electronic / trip hop music, as well as surreal art.

Get In Touch

  • auracane@live.com