Next release: Sidetrak (single) ft Eric Matthys, released by Lazy Tree Records. drops 7/29/20

https://fanlink.to/auracane <streaming everywhere

Album I

This is the beginning of an amazing story. Album marks the first album of many from this new music project. This new project signifies cutting ties with genre’s and the beginning of something refreshing.

I have no shortage of time and inspiration, so I’ve decided to produce more freely. The result of this is finishing an album in 1 month, and another on the way.

Update: Album I is released on itunes and spotify

Album II

Album II is in the books and featured a 2 part release; Purple Plunder, released with 2 other chillers, and Chump Change, featuring a lofi hip hop beat “Cloud Stash”. You can listen to the entire album, as well as a few free downloads, on soundcloud and spotify.

Album III

My next project has begun, and I’m going to take a bit more time with this one. You can stream the process here, and here only. I’ll be working with rappers and singers to get some damn vocals in my songs, and spending wayyyyy more time mixing these beats. UPDATE: working with multiple artists means nothing goes as planned, but it also means more releases.

Stardust Memories

Here’s my latest release, a three track EP featuring downtempo synth wave tasty stuff. The entire EP is Gundam Wing inspired, and you’ll hear some south asian instruments mixed with heavy synths and trill hip hop beats. It’s set for release everywhere on 7/16, but streaming now on soundcloud.


{aura} the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, thing, or place.

{cane} subjective suffix can be interpreted many different ways; my favorite being hurri{cane}, violent and magnificent natural disasters.

My music combines these two vibes into one. Fusing wild triphop beats with eclectic melodies; it’s a glorious dance of two unlikely partners that form something grand.

Check out my insta page! It features a collection of artists and musicians, as well as some of my personal work.

contact: auracane@outlook.com

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